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Written @ 10:43 AM | Wednesday, October 5, 2011
It's been a while~ and i still haven't got a proper internet connection. That's one of the main reason why i've been in a very long hiatus up to now. For the update, we've moved in a new house, though we still own our old house.. we keep coming back and forth in LB and here. It's kinda tiring but new for us. Really interesting~ haha

and right now, me and my niece are alone in this house. Mom and Dad went back to fetch our sister who's in LB. And later, i'll have to continue to wash my clothes... It's a Laundry Week for me this week...:(... gaah! And on friday, I'll be heading to LB to attend my friend's wedding on Saturday~ kinda excited about it... Goin' to see lots of my friends~ ^_^ can't wait... see you guys... <3