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Written @ 6:54 PM | Monday, October 17, 2011
I was left behind.. I GOT left behind!!! Oh my God! I have no plan of getting left behind! T^T.. seriously!!! T_T I have no spare clothes to wear for the next two days... o_O what to do??

well, I got left behind, because my younger sissy suddenly got sick.. and there's no one else to accompany her.. but only ME.. who's here...:(

seriously, a bad timing... it has always been a bad timing coming here in elbi.. =____=' i just noticed it now! well, if ever that happens once again in the future that i come back here.. I'll seriously will have a feeling not liking to come back here ever again... I know it's an exaggeration to hear~ but if you were on my shoes... You'll feel the same way as I do...=___= probably~