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○ cried a lot~
○ Day1 : Christmas Vacation Starts!
○ we just came back from elbi... and Jewel's birthda...
○ ,,busy week coming up,,
○ I was left behind.. I GOT left behind!!! Oh my God...
○ Random Unfortunate Event
○ It's been a while~ and i still haven't got a prope...
○ Month of August this year has been very saddening ...
○ early hiatus~

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cried a lot~
Written @ 4:32 PM | Sunday, January 27, 2013
I'm back from my senses~

I think drinking alone is the saddest idea ever~
I've never cried so hard before...
I f@#%ing feel soooo~ good after, I guess~
I'm so pathetic. at least that's what I thought...
I stilll feel so dizzy, and all my worries are still there...
I can't stop crying whenever I remember all my worries....
my eyes sore so much from it~

I don't even know why am i feeling like this...

Written @ 1:35 AM | Tuesday, December 25, 2012
It's finally Christmas, it's not as joyful as ever~
I'm happy since it's Christmas~
but, every time it is, my mom and dad never fails to fight with each other..
well, I'm still glad they get along afterwards... so it's not so new to us anymore~

though I have loads to say, but, i'm feeling kinda down right now and tired as well,,,
I just hope that everyone in the world would have a very blessed Christmas this year!

Day1 : Christmas Vacation Starts!
Written @ 10:41 PM | Thursday, December 20, 2012
It's the 1st day of Christmas vacation for us~
and I've made a decision not to be a bummer this break~!
so I decided to be productive at least one 
good thing each day.
What have I accomplished for today? that is, I've cleaned the house of my pet cat, seriously it was disgusting...It got neglected, and no one bothers to clean it. I know you might find it weird why my cats are caged instead of letting them stay inside of our house? it's because my cat(kuchan)just gave birth to 3 little cute black kittens~(again!) and it's a big NO~NO! for mom, unless they could walk or run on their own, until then, they are to stay on that pathetic cage, seriously, i hate it,,, I hate keeping them there... but i have no choice! or else, I won't be able to see them anymore... cause you know, cats do poop and pee just like~ everywhere! and that's what my mom hates the most~ she really has a very sensitive sense when it comes to smell~ here are the 3 newborns~xD(yeah~ newborn~!)

Written @ 1:08 AM | Friday, November 4, 2011
we just came back from elbi... and Jewel's birthday party last Nov. 02 was amazing, everything went well~ and really fun. :) and right now, my friend mitch is uploading all the pics, took on jewel's bday~ (wag maciado magpuyat :3)... and right now it's already past midnight and it's SEAN's bday!!! Happy Birthday Sean!!! :) hoping to see them later...

,,busy week coming up,,
Written @ 3:27 PM | Sunday, October 30, 2011

This coming week is going to be a very busy week...

On the 31st, my family and relatives are going to have our very first visit in our grandparents grave who just died recently(last August,2011), at Mt.Zion. Then, on the next day, I'll be coming back home in LB, b'cause on Nov. 02, I am going to attend Jewel's 1st birthday party. And I can't say NO to that cause it's really an honor to be invited... and I always treat it as a very important experience in my life... plus the Foods! xD you can't say NO to foods~ :))...

And yeah, today is my friend Eunwon's 22nd birthday! ^_^ Happy Birthday!!! and for that, since we can't celebrate it with her on the actual day. I just made her this, a birthday greeting graphic...!! xD

"Just wanna say, that GodBless to your JobHunt. And hope you achieve your greatest dream... we'll always be here by your side no matter what... Love you and Always Take Care!!! :*"

That's all I had for today. And, hope for you guys to  have a safe All Souls & Saints Day...!!! :)

And, yeah again! on Nov. 4th, it's my nephew Sean's 6th Birthday... Advance HappyBirthday baby!!

Written @ 6:54 PM | Monday, October 17, 2011
I was left behind.. I GOT left behind!!! Oh my God! I have no plan of getting left behind! T^T.. seriously!!! T_T I have no spare clothes to wear for the next two days... o_O what to do??

well, I got left behind, because my younger sissy suddenly got sick.. and there's no one else to accompany her.. but only ME.. who's here...:(

seriously, a bad timing... it has always been a bad timing coming here in elbi.. =____=' i just noticed it now! well, if ever that happens once again in the future that i come back here.. I'll seriously will have a feeling not liking to come back here ever again... I know it's an exaggeration to hear~ but if you were on my shoes... You'll feel the same way as I do...=___= probably~

Random Unfortunate Event
Written @ 7:08 PM | Thursday, October 13, 2011

seriously not in a good mood right now(i'm always not in a good mood..what's new??!). though thankful for the continues connection, Thank you smartbro!! :)... Banzai!

this coming Sunday is "Elmilirenzha's 6th Anniversary!" (yey! Congrats to us guys!!! ^___^)... and honestly, all of us are penniless! and we're deciding whether we're the ones who'll be going back to LB or they are the ones who'll be coming here... still can't decide.. (hard to decide..lol)

and while, me and my sis we're discussing about it. a sudden unfortunate event occured. Thank God nothin else bad happened.. lol... I just hurt my elbow, while my sis on her waist and shoulder... (that was a hard hit on the shoulder though! and she got a cramped too..) she looke like a gelatin being smashed...xDROFL pitiful! (*shouting* blame your clothes! try changing with a different color...)